I'm Ben Lewis

Technical Consultant

Based in Jersey, CI

About Me

Hi, I'm Ben Lewis, a technical consultant based out of Jersey, CI. I help the public and private sector collect & understand data, set meaningful goals and implement technology to deliver results.

  • Name: Ben Lewis
  • Role: Technical Consultant
  • Availability: Available
  • Location: Jersey, CI
  • E-mail: ben@ovalbit.com
Past Positions
Government of Jersey - Technical Consultant

Worked with Driving & Vehicle Standards to implement core user-facing functionality as part of the OneGov project, moving vital government services online.

XBT Provider - Technical Consultant

Implemented online services enabling investors to claim returns generated as a result of cryptocurrency network forking.

Aventus - Technical Consultant

Managed development and operation of the Aventus ICO site, which raised £26 million over one week while handling millions of requests.

2016 - 2017
National Coding Week - Technical Consultant

Built key services for event management and discovery across hundreds of event locations nationally.

Current Roles
2018 - Present
Goto - Director

Manage development and strategy for the Goto taxi app, helping independant taxis modernise by offering instant payments, vehicle tracking and rider feedback.

2018 - Present
Itineris - Technical Consultant

Advise the public sector on data-driven policy around sustainable transport, ride-sharing and open data.

Data Analysis

Turn raw data into actionable insights & clear business KPIs

Project Management

Manage implemention of complex cross-team projects

Development Services

Managed development from project conception to full deployment


Advise on technical aspects of crypto payments & custody

Sustainable Transport

On-demand transport, ride-sharing and green tech consultancy


+44 1534 513141


2 Hill Street, St Helier, Jersey